The 7 Principles of KaHuna

  • IKE

    The world is what you think it is.

    Be aware, it is how you look at life.

    Awareness leads to introspection which eventually leads to healing of self.

  • KALA

    Everything is connected.

    There are no limits except the ones that we put on ourselves.


    Energy flows where attention goes.

    Be focused.


    Now is the moment of power.

    Be in the present.

  • MANA

    The power that is inherent in all things.

    Be confident and believe in yourself.


    To love is to be happy.

    Be happy and share happiness.

  • PONO

    Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

    Be positive.

Benefits for You

  • Increased Energy Flow

  • Stimulate Circulation

  • Encourages vitality to digestion tract

  • Cleansing and detoxifying

  • Deeply relaxes and calms

  • Brings harmony and balance

  • Helps give clarity of mind

About Scott

Huna Massage Therapist

Scott is the type of guy who regularly receives massage.

He loves how his body feels after a massage… flexible, relaxed and strong.

And with this in mind he knows how important it is to facilitate those massage benefits for his clients.

Scott has been practicing Huna Massage for over 6 years and was convinced by his friends that he needs to be sharing his skills with others.

Huna massage is a nurturing, flowing massage that is different from the usual Swedish or Remedial style massage. With this in mind, Scott only gives Huna massage to women as he has found that the male/female energy balance gives great results.

Huna massage is 100% non sexual and as the massages are at the Davey residence in Safety Bay.

He massages friends and family and their friends and family, and so on… and if you’re seeing this you’ve probably found it through a family member or a friend.

However, if you have come across Scott’s website by accident, know that nothing happens by accident and you won’t be disappointed with a Huna Massage from Scott.

Message From Scott

In many parts of our lives, we don’t, can’t or won’t take time to care for ourselves.

We are so busy taking care of other people in our lives that we forget to give back to ourselves, and our body can forget what that experience feels like.

How would it change your world if you were willing to give yourself permission to be nurtured and pampered?

Please close your eyes and ask yourself this question,

How would my body feel if I was nurtured, pampered and cared for?

Huna Massage to me, is an amazing opportunity to share a totally indulgent and nurturing experience with someone who is willing to gift something magical to their body.

To me, it is more than a massage because it allows your mind, as well as your body, to release and experience sensations that you may have never before been privileged to, no matter how warm and loving your relationship may be.

This is your time, with no other agenda other than your own!

Make you a habit!

I would love to share my massage with you.

It is ok to be indulged.

Ask your body… it knows!


“It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Scott Davey.

Let me start with the Huna massage.

During my life time I have had massages from many different people practicing various techniques, so when I began having Huna massages I had no real expectations. In fact I had never heard of Huna massage. I discovered that the idea of this technique is to heal the body.

The therapist’s hands have a particularly calming and relaxing effect, often I would sleep for the whole hour.

As a ballet teacher I found that I would get very sore feet, legs and back and these were the areas that Huna focuses on.

After massaging the back of the body and each limb, the focus would be the massaging of the abdominal muscles then washing massaging and drying the feet.

The face, neck and shoulders are also massaged with care. I have never had my face massaged because I wanted the time to be spent on other areas which were often sore from the work I do.

Scott, as a therapist is very professional.

He is always ready; with the room being the appropriate temperature, soothing music and clean soft towels.

The oils and preparations he uses are all fragrant and I believe have healing properties.

He is all ways considerate about my comfort and modesty. In fact he leads me (his client) through the process with softly spoken instructions which again made me feel comfortable with him.

After a session I would come out floating on air. There was no sense of tension in my muscles, I would experience a fantastic ability to move easily. I also found I felt more energetic.

All in all the session was most enjoyable and effective.

I would recommend Huna Massage and Scott Davey’s professional expertise to anyone. ”

Diana de Vos Beck
Diana de Vos Beck

“I have been the lucky recipient of massages by Scott for several years now. It’s the most magical experience. Scott has a very flowing, incredibly relaxing technique that leaves me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Scott is a very respectful, considerate man who ensures his clients feel safe and nurtured throughout the massage.

I would recommend him to anyone who is feeling tense, stressed, sore, or just in need of some TLC.”

Renae Van Vlijman
Renae Van Vlijman

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Huna Massage?

Huna Massage is deceptive because it feels like a nice relaxing massage, yet it has so many wonderful health and stress relieving benefits. It has the ability to take your mind on a journey away from the stress in your life while using flowing energy to give your body exactly what it needs. As Rosemary says, “I never know how much I need a massage until I’m on the table receiving one.”

Do I Need To Take My Clothes Off?

Huna Massage uses a liberal amount of oil, so you will be required to take the outer layer of your clothing off.

However, because of the long, flowing strokes in Huna Massage, although not necessary, it is recommended to take off your bra and if you feel up to it, your underpants as well.

The main aim for a Huna Massage is for you to feel totally comfortable and at ease during the session, and some clients leave underwear on and some take it off.

The choice is totally up to you and your choice will not diminish the benefits of your Huna Massage.

Where Does Scott Work?

Scott works out of the Davey residence in Safety Bay, Western Australia.

He and his wife, Rosemary, have set up a consultation room in their home where they take turns working with their clients.

While you are having a massage with Scott, his wife is generally in the house.

Why Only Women?

Scott has massaged men in the past, and has found that the male/female energy works best for the clients.